A-F                                              G-Sc                                              Se-Z

Agricultural Sciences

Jones, Larry - Vocational, Business/Ag Department Chair
Diversified Coop, Coop, Ag. Power Mechanics, Welding I & II, Industrial Education II, FFA Advisor
Email - ljones@highlandcusd5.org

Barr, Rene - Intro to Agriculture, Agriculture Science, Agriculture Science PSAA, Pre-Veterinary, FFA Advisor

Email rbarr@highlandcusd5.org

Durbin, Chris - Civil Engineering & Architecture, Technology Orientation I & II, Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Technology Student Association Advisor, WYSE Team Coach, Robotics Team Coach
Email - cdurbin@highlandcusd5.org

Schmitz, Don - Industrial Education I, Industrial Education II, Agriculture Business Management, Landscaping & Turf Management, FFA Advisor

Email dschmitz@highlandcusd5.org


Heinz, Michele- Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Windows 7, Computer Concepts, Accounting, Personal Finance, Co-Sponsor Future Business Leaders of America, Co-Sponser for the Class of 2018
Email - 

Perkes, Melissa - Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Computer Graphics I, II, Web Design, Computer Animations, Introduction to Computer Science, Word Processing/Presentations (SWIC dual credit), and Co-Adviser for FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

Email - mperkes@highlandcusd5.org

Vance, Robert - Personal Finance, PE, HHS VIP Representative, Illinois Career Association Sponsor, Assistant Cross Country Coach, Assistant Boys' Track Coach, Physical Education
Email - rvance@highlandcusd5.org


Michael Himsel, Susanne - Department Chair, AP Composition, Eng IV, NHS Co-Leader 

Email -smichaelhimsel@highlandcusd5.org

Huson, Kelsey - English II, English IV, Creative Writing

Email – khuson@highlandcusd5.org

Bland, Sarah – English I, Honors English I, College Writing


Case Danielle, - English II, Interpersonal Communications, Public Speaking, AP English Literature and Composition and Student Council

Email - dcase@highlandcusd5.org

Ruder, Sarah - TBA
Email -sruder@highlandcusd5.org

Lewis, Matthew – Eng I, Eng III, Honors English II

Email mlewis@highlandcusd5.org
Martz, Susan - Basic English I, Basic English III, Literature of the Holocaust, Yearbook School Publication

Email smartz@highlandcusd5.org

Romero, Kimberly – English II and Eng III

Email – kromero@highlandcusd5.org

Family & Consumer Science

Jones, Dawn - Foods I, Foods II, Adult Living, Parenting, Child Development
Email - djones@highlandcusd5.org

Foreign Language

Buchtel, Stephanie –Spanish I, Spanish II


Twyford, Karen - Spanish III Hon., Spanish IV, AP Spanish, Girls' FCA Advisor, Prom Chair
Email - ktwyford@highlandcusd5.org

Email - @highlandcusd5.org


Duncan, Margie - Mathematics Department Chair,
Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, SAT/ACT Prep
Email -mduncan@highlandcusd5.org

Ayer, Holly - Basic Algebra I, Algebra I, Algebra II, Model UN Sponsor
Email - hayer@highlandcusd5.org

Hawkins, Joel - Basic Geometry, Geometry, Civil War, FCA Advisor, Head Baseball Coach
Email - jhawkins@highlandcusd5.org

James, Brent - Intermediate Algebra, Statistics, Boy's Golf Coach
Email -

Kimmle, Valerie - Algebra I, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Math Team Assistant Coach
Email - vkimmle@highlandcusd5.org

Miscik, Dave - Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB
Email - dmiscik@highlandcusd5.org

Uhls, Max - Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, Computer Science Principles
 - muhls@highlandcusd5.org | mathhelp@yahoo.com


Case, John - Fine Arts Department Chair
Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, World Music, Music Appreciation

Email -jcase@highlandcusd5.org

Gibb-Clark, Andrew -
Acappella Choir, Chorus, Music Theory, AP Music Theory Director of Madrigal Singers, Jazz Choir, "Onyx", Chamber Choir and CoffeeHouse Cabaret, Madrigal Dinner Director, Musical Theater, Treble Choir, Vocal Techniques, Show Choir
Email - agibbclark@highlandcusd5.org.

Keys, Jamie  – Assistant Band Director

Email - jkeys@highlandcusd5.org

Physical Education

Hall, Jody - Physical Education Department Chair, PE, Health, Conceptual Biology

Email - jhall@highlandcusd5.org

Hayes, Molly - Physical Education

Email - mhayes@highlandcusd5.org

Vance, Robert -Physical EducationPersonal Finance, HHS VIP Representative, Illinois Career Association Sponsor, Assistant Cross Country Coach, Assistant Boys' Track Coach

Email - rvance@highlandcusd5.org

Warnecke, Jimmy - Conditioning PE,US History, Basic US History, Head Football Coach, 
Email - jiwarnecke@highlandcusd5.org


Ramsey, Jodie - Science Department Chair

Biology I - 10, Honors Biology I, AP Biology
Email - jramsey@highlandcusd5.org

Basden, Liza - Biology I-10, Honors Chemistry I, AP Chemistry, Student Council Co-Sponsor, WYSE Chemistry Sponsor

Email - lbasden@highlandcusd5.org

Buss, Carrie – Conceptual Biology and Biology

Email - cbuss@highlandcusd5.org

Golder, Christy - Physics, Chemistry I, Phys Science, W.Y.S.E. Physics Sponsor

Email - cgolder@highlandcusd5.org

Hall, Jody - Conceptual Biology, Health, PE, Physical Education Department Chair 

Email - jhall@highlandcusd5.org

Ott, Natalie - TBA
Email - nott@highlandcusd5.org

Simmons, Kristie - Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Biology I -10, Science Olympiad Sponsor

Email - ksimmons@highlandcusd5.org

Social Studies

Beyer, Tina - Department Chair

World History, Honors World History, AP European History, Student Council Co-Sponsor, Assistant Girls' Track Coach
Email tbeyer@highlandcusd5.org

Bradley, Doug - Civics, World History, Head Boys' & Girls' Cross Country Coach
Email - dbradley@highlandcusd5.org

Holt, Ron - AP Macro Economics, AP US History, Economics
Email - rholt@highlandcusd5.org

Strong, Todd - Civics, Sociology, Asst. Basketball & Football Coach
Email - tstrong@highlandcusd5.org

Warnecke, Jimmy - US History, Basic US History, Conditioning PE, Head Football Coach
Email - jiwarnecke@highlandcusd5.org

Weber, Sam - Basic World History, U.S. History, Economics, Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach, 8th Grade Baseball Coach
Email - sweber@highlandcusd5.org

Special Education

Korte, Brenda - Special Education Department Chair

Introduction to Pre-Algebra, Introduction to Algebra I B, Prep/Tutorial Reading (3rd/4th), Introduction to Geometry, Fund St Sk

Email - bkorte@highlandcusd5.org

Eaker, Kate - Special Education: Introduction to English I, Introduction to Engish III/Novels, Introduction to Art, Introduction to Phys Science
Email - keaker@highlandcusd5.org

Elledge, Matt - Special Education: Fund St Sk, Introduction to US History, Introduction to Civics, Introduction Adap PE, Drivers Education
Email - melledge@highlandcusd5.org

Seelhoefer, Kaitlyn – Special Education: Introduction to Health, Introduction to Science, Introduction to English, Introduction to Math, Introduction to ACT, Intro Elec A/US/WLD


Lowder, Khourtney - Special Education: Introduction to Life Science, Introduction to World History, Introduction to Health, Introduction to Math, Introduction to English, Introduction to Social Skills
Email - klowder@highlandcusd5.org

Stirewalt, Gayla - Special Education: Job Skills, Advanced Job Skills, Introduction to Algebra I A, Coop, Fund St Sk

Email - gstirewalt@highlandcusd5.org

Sylvies, Claire - Special Education: TT Basic English I, TT Basic English II, Introduction to World History, Introduction to Applied Geometry, Introduction to English II, Fund St Sk

Email - csylvies@highlandcusd5.org

Welz, Austin - Special Education: TT Conceptual Biology, TT Basic Algebra I, Introduction to Pre-Algebra, Introduction to Conceptual Biology, Introduction to Health

Email - awelz@highlandcusd5.org

Visual Arts

Wander, Laura - Advanced Drawing I, II, III, & IV; Art I & II; Ceramics/Sculpture I, II, III, & IV; Painting I, II, III, & IV; AP Drawing, AP 2D Design, Ap 3D Design, Art Club Sponsor, NAHS Sponsor, Boy's and Girl's Bowling Coach
Email - lwander@highlandcusd5.org