Highland High School

                                                        Features Outstanding Educators and Administrators

4 National Board Certified Teachers

4 Teachers with the SIUE Excellence in 

Education & Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards

82% Hold Advanced Degrees

Highland High School
Offers an Outstanding Curriculum for All Students!
    HHS Curriculum includes:
  • 4 years of ENGLISH including AP English Language Classes
  • 4 years of MATH through AP Calculus AB
  • 4 years of SCIENCE including AP Biology and AP Chemistry
  • 4 years of SOCIAL STUDIES including 4 AP courses
  • 8 Dual Credit Courses with Southwestern Illinois College
  • 2 Dual Credit Courses with St. Louis University
  • 11 AP Courses
  • Diverse offering of electives in 9 additional departments including:
 Acappella Choir    Industrial Education
Accounting  Landscape Management
 Adult Living  Marching Band
 Ceramics/Drawing/Painting  Music Electives
 Child and Day Care Services  Parenting
 Computer Animations  Project Lead the Way-Engineering Program
 Computer Programming  Symphonic/Concert Band
 Computer Programming  Technology Lab, including Robotics
Foods & Nutrition  Web Design
 Spanish  Welding
 Greenhouse Management 


Students must meet the following credit/course requirements to earn a diploma from Highland High School:

Graduation requirements are listed below:

*  A total of 25 credits

* 4.0 English Credits, Including English I, II, and III

* 3.0 Math Credits (Illinois law requires 3 years of Math, including Algebra and Geometry)

* 2.0 Science Credits

* 1.0 U.S. History Credit, including passing the US and IL Constitution Tests

* 1.0 World History Credit

* 1.0 Art, Music, Vocational Ed, or Foreign Language

* 0.5 Health Credit

* One of the following courses to meet Illinois’ Consumer Education requirement:

* 0.5 Personal Finance Credit (junior or senior)

* 0.5 Economics Credit

* 0.5 AP Economics Credit (junior or senior)

* 1.0 Agriculture Business Management Credit (senior)

* 0.5 Civics Credit (Class of 2020 and beyond)

***PE (see note at that bottom)

*Take the required state assessment - Illinois’ graduation requirement.

In planning how you will arrange your classes, you may want to take a look at the high school course requirements of the universities in Illinois. Also, you can access the database of Highland High School course offerings at

The HHS School Counseling Department recommends that students complete the above requirements using the format
outlined below:
 PeriodsFreshmen  Sophomore Junior Senior
 1 English     English  English  English 
 2 Math Math  Math  
 3 Science Science  
 4 World History  US History 
 5 PE/Driver’s Ed Driver’s Ed/Health PE PE
 6 Civics   Personal Finance

Minimum college admissions requirements usually include: 4 English credits; 3 Math credits; 3 Science
credits; 3 Social Studies credits; 2 credits of a foreign language, music, art or vocational courses. However,
some colleges require more credits in one or more of these areas.

***Any HHS student in marching band may waive PE during a semester, or any student currently enrolled in
Health or Driver’s Ed may waive PE. Also, PE may be waived for juniors and seniors if:

1. the student is on an athletic team during any season or
2. the school(s) where a student is planning to apply after graduation, requires, for admission, a
course in the student’s schedule (this course must exceed the state and local requirements for graduation).