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                                                Highland High School

                                                        Features Outstanding Educators and Administrators

4 National Board Certified Teachers

4 Teachers with the SIUE Excellence in 

Education & Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards

82% Hold Advanced Degrees

Highland High School
Offers an Outstanding Curriculum for All Students!
    HHS Curriculum includes:
  • 4 years of ENGLISH including AP English Language Classes
  • 4 years of MATH through AP Calculus AB
  • 4 years of SCIENCE including AP Biology and AP Chemistry
  • 4 years of SOCIAL STUDIES including 4 AP courses
  • 8 Dual Credit Courses with Southwestern Illinois College
  • 2 Dual Credit Courses with St. Louis University
  • 11 AP Courses
  • Diverse offering of electives in 9 additional departments including:
 Acappella Choir    Industrial Education
Accounting  Landscape Management
 Adult Living  Marching Band
 Ceramics/Drawing/Painting  Music Electives
 Child and Day Care Services  Parenting
 Computer Animations  Project Lead the Way-Engineering Program
 Computer Programming  Symphonic/Concert Band
 Computer Programming  Technology Lab, including Robotics
Foods & Nutrition  Web Design
 Spanish  Welding
 Greenhouse Management 


Students must meet the following credit/course requirements to earn a diploma from Highland High School:

Graduation requirements are listed below:

*  A total of 25 credits

* 4.0 English Credits, Including English I, II, and III

* 3.0 Math Credits (Illinois law requires 3 years of Math, including Algebra and Geometry)

* 2.0 Science Credits

* 1.0 U.S. History Credit, including passing the US and IL Constitution Tests

* 1.0 World History Credit

* 1.0 Art, Music, Vocational Ed, or Foreign Language

* 0.5 Health Credit

* One of the following courses to meet Illinois’ Consumer Education requirement:

* 0.5 Personal Finance Credit (junior or senior)

* 0.5 Economics Credit

* 0.5 AP Economics Credit (junior or senior)

* 1.0 Agriculture Business Management Credit (senior)

* 0.5 Civics Credit (Class of 2020 and beyond)

***PE (see note at that bottom)

*Take the required state assessment - Illinois’ graduation requirement.

In planning how you will arrange your classes, you may want to take a look at the high school course requirements of the universities in Illinois. Also, you can access the database of Highland High School course offerings at http://hs.highlandcusd5.org/

The HHS School Counseling Department recommends that students complete the above requirements using the format
outlined below:
 PeriodsFreshmen  Sophomore Junior Senior
 1 English     English  English  English 
 2 Math Math  Math  
 3 Science Science  
 4 World History  US History 
 5 PE/Driver’s Ed Driver’s Ed/Health PE PE
 6 Civics   Personal Finance

Minimum college admissions requirements usually include: 4 English credits; 3 Math credits; 3 Science
credits; 3 Social Studies credits; 2 credits of a foreign language, music, art or vocational courses. However,
some colleges require more credits in one or more of these areas.

***Any HHS student in marching band may waive PE during a semester, or any student currently enrolled in
Health or Driver’s Ed may waive PE. Also, PE may be waived for juniors and seniors if:

1. the student is on an athletic team during any season or
2. the school(s) where a student is planning to apply after graduation, requires, for admission, a
course in the student’s schedule (this course must exceed the state and local requirements for graduation).